Peter Cook

###Building Data Visualisations with D3 One Day Workshop

This one day workshop aims to teach the fundamentals of D3 and SVG so that participants understand concepts such as selection, updating and interaction and are able to put together simple data visualisations built with D3.

The workshop starts with a brief introduction to data visualisation and a discussion of how D3 fits into this landscape.

Following an overview of D3 concepts, the workshop becomes largely interactive with participants working through 3 examples: a bar chart, a circle grid and a scatter plot:


The topics covered during the day include:

The emphasis of the workshop is on gaining a thorough understanding of D3 fundamentals and this is achieved through explanation, demonstration and participants actively coding the examples and further exercises.


This workshop will next run at the L4RP on Wednesday 25th September 2013.

If you’re interested in participating in this workshop or for me to bring this workshop to your workplace, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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